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  • /fɛfˈiː/, /fEf"i:/ or /ˈfɛfi/, /"fEfi/ or /fiːˈfiː/, /fi:"fi:/


  1. A vassal holding a fief.
    "[...] this quiz with all the strange old terms in it, curtilage and messuage and socage and fee simple and fee tail and feoffee and copyhold and customary freehold and mortmain and devises and lex loci rei sitae." — Rabbit at Rest, John Updike

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Feoffee, or more correctly within this context feoffee to uses, is a historical term relating to the law of trusts and equity, referring to the owner of a legal title of a property when he is not the equitable owner. Feoffees essentially had their titles stripped by the Statute of Uses 1535, whereby the legal title to the property being held by the feoffee was transferred to their cestui que use.
The modern equivalent of a feoffee to uses is the trustee, one who holds a legal and managerial ownership in trust for the enjoyment of the beneficiary.
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